Non Resident Income Tax 2015

Do you know   about  your  tax  obligations  as  non  resident  property owner  in  Spain?

As every  year  a   tax  declaration  is  due  to  present  for  the  year  2015  until  31st  of  December  this  year.

The non resident property  owner  is  subject  to  an  Income  Tax   which  is  calculated on  the  catastral  value  of  any  urban  buildings. The  amount  to  be  declared  is  1,1 %  of  this  catastral value  and  the  rate  of  income  tax  is  19 % (24 %). If  the  building  is  let    whole  or  part  of  the  year,  this  income  must  be declared  and  the  above  mentioned  tax  will be  reduced. The filing has to be made in the following way:

–  filing electronically by filling out form 210 and sending with an authorized electronic signature.

–    by filling out form 210 on the Internet Portal  and presenting the paper form.

You may appoint a representative before the Spanish tax authorities to deal with your obligations regarding the file per Internet and also make sure the receipt of notifications from the Tax authority.

To complete all personal datas you will also need the address, telephone number, e-mail of your home residence.






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