Spanish fiscal residents in Spain – taxes 2015

Spanish residents should seek professional advice about new Spanish Tax Laws.
A 6 month grace period will be given to Spanish fiscal residents to update their fiscal situation to declare pensions received from their own countries, as has now been published in the Official Spanish Gazette (BOE). No surcharges, interest charges for late payment or penalties will be applied when updating your tax situation within this 6 month period. Following this grace period the tax authorities may undertake subsequent inspection campaigns and could charge interests and fines. 

  • This applies to expats who are considered Spanish Fiscal Residents.                                 First criteria:  if you  spend more than 183 days in Spain in one calendar year, (consecutive days or not).                                                                                                             Second criteria: if your “centre of vital interests” is in Spain. (i.e.  spouse lives in Spain and you’re not legally separated).
  • Annual income tax return includes income from pension and other earnings  but due to double taxation agreements not Publice Service pensions.

You should contact your tax advisor.

Among other News this one for UK citizens  is still relevant:

“Tax authorities are now openly sharing information about citizens’ taxable assets in order to claim unpaid tax,”



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